All communication
of Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
in one collaborative room

AQOOM is a Q&A and Review platform
for Blockchain projects that provides substantial token compensation to all platform users
who participate in discussions and write reviews for Blockchain & Cryptocurrency services.

What if

You could have challenges to communicate
with people in a field of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency with the use of Telegram.:)

to Integrate

All contents of yours are
spread over different social network

to Manage

Repeated responses to
different or similar inquiries

to Re-use

Disappearance of
meaningful & usable contents
uploaded by you & your users

to Connect

Hard to get Live feedback
about your service
from the people directly


Pleased to meet you!!

We're AQOOM, the smart and easy way to communicate
with Blockchain and Cryptocurrency people.
AQOOM match Blockchain projects with users
and help them to attract effectively
by providing useful features
such as Q&A and Review of Blockchain services around the world.

AQOOM is a sharing, and evaluating platform
makes your business boost up to the high level
- so you can manage all contents from users easily.

AQOOM’s Basics

Give your reward in one place to get a higher reputation


People share questions &
answers about your service
on your publicly available
account page which  created by
That account is your
Big Data Storage to enable
the next three basics of AQOOM,
Review, Curation, & Social Network.


You can receive feedback from the users directly.
Users can share their
service  experiences  with you
through posting  and evaluating
the shared contents with others
on your account page.


You see an aligned conversation
of Q&As at one place without
repeated same Q&As as well as
a specific Q&As by searching
with a keyword simply.

Social Network

One easy accessible platform
for all the people in the
Blockchain industry & community.

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③ Meet your people

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to use AQOOM and
building your community & reputation in the world of
Blockchain & cryptocurrency.

④ Manage for your contents

Use  all contents
from people using your project
to improve your service
with the use of their feedback in reviews
one place, your page at AQOOM,
to respond to users’ various inquiries
simply & conveniently.

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